New Features


Auto Updating

Now, with every new donation, it will automatically appear on the screen. Without having to refresh. This will increase interest for others to join in as well.


Multiple Meter Trackers

Now track more than just one thing. For example, you can track total donations, plus also amount of monthly donations.


New Meter Styles

Now offering meters in both a linear and round style. Depending on what works best for your campaign.


Share on thank you page

As soon as they finish their donation, donors receive incentive to share the campaign along both on the donation confirmation screen and in their donation confirmation email, increasing the spread of the campaign


Admin 2.0

Now have full control to edit and update donations and teams.

New Platform


New feature! Now another way to raise funds, through a raffle. You can feature it alongside your donation campaign, or on its own. Team pages for raffle as well.


Admin Control

Full admin control. Live reporting. Add manual donations. And more.


Project Management

Confused about running an online campaign? No need to be! A complete simple to use and understand project management tool, guiding you through the entire campaign process, both of the fundraising platform and of managing the campaign in general



Full campaign analytics, regarding donations, site visits and interaction with the campaign.


Clock management

Now, when the campaign is over, clock disappears instead of staying at 0. And a message "campaign completed" appears.

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