Fundraising, done right.

✔ Custom design & functionality
✔ No learning curve
✔ No commissions, ever

Ya, I want to know more

Enough with the days of template campaign pages or giving away high commissions to your online fundraising platform. Next time, run your campaign with  a completely custom platform -- all for a flat rate.

Live campaigns

Flat Rate

You won't be penalized for raising more money. No percentage. No commission. Put the money raised towards what it was meant for -- your important cause.

Fully Custom Platform

You're not just like any other organization, so your fundraising efforts shouldn't be either. Everything can be customized -- from the design, to the content, to the overall campaign set up.

Full Control

Enough of those cookie cutter platforms. You have full control over this one. Add features, customize the layout, or even turn the platform in to a marketing tool.

Personalized support

Received personalized support before, during and after campaign to take care of help you through the process.

Mobile First

Keep a seamless experience on your site.

24-hour limit, or not

It's up to you how long you'd like the campaign to run for


Video, images, slideshows, testimonials, you name it.

Custom Domain

Have your own branded domain name

Donor Management

Keep track of donors and contributions both during the campaign and after. Can integrate with database and software.

Notifications & Reporting

Get a complete picture of your campaign breakdown, to help you plan ahead.


Leverage your online fundraiser by integrating it with your website, database, tasks, emails, and more.

Social Sharing

Your viewers can share the campaign across their social media.


Add on a raffle or other fundraising tool.

All Donors

Sortable list of all donations, with an optional message


Leverage the power of peer to peer fundraising with team fundraising pages.


Progress meter and countdown clock to show the urgency and push the campaign along

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Leverage your online fundraiser by integrating it with your website, database, tasks, emails, and more


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Frequenty asked questions

Is it really custom?

Yup, everything from the strategy, to the layout, to the functionality. Using design and UX/UI principles.

What do you mean by custom functionality?

Often campaigns have a specific request that they'd like that they're not able to achieve with the other out-of-the-box fundraising platforms. We aim to achieve them.

But I hate computers!

No need to do a thing. The entire online campaign is set up for you.

What do I have to take care of?

All we need is some basic information from you, and the rest we'll take care of.

How much does it cost?

Since it's custom, each project varies, but in general it's a very

Can I track the campaign?


What if I need to make adjustments?

Absolutely. Even during campaign.

I'm confused about how this whole thing works.

No need to read a manual or watch a bunch of training videos. We'll walk you through how it works and take care of the rest.

Get a custom platform for a price that makes sense

For more information, email david

Want to check out a demo?

Just email

Hi there 👋

Hello! I'm David Lipman, and I'm a full time UX product designer and developer. I have 10+ years of experience in running campaigns and fundraisers in the non-profit sector, as well as concepting and designing online solutions for organizations and non-profits.

I'd be happy to speak with you to see how I could help you with your fundraiser or website platforms.

Email me at david @